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That Video Game Podcast

Aug 28, 2020

Featuring: Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith and Jess Carver-Smith
Running Time: 32:07

In the final episode of ODNF for the forseeable future, we delve into a noughties movie that is a British classic, one that Jess should have seen but hasn't!
Let's join our dynamic duo as they discover all of the joys of Bend It Like Beckham... an awakening movie of sorts, and one with a bit of a cult reputation in the UK, and apparently in some circles around the world!
Thank you to everyone who has listened, sent in messages, and shown their support.

Intro and Outro Reel effects from justsoundfx on youtube
Break sound effects courtesy of NoiseCollector over at
First Music Independance Day by Melanie C
Second Music hot hot hot by Bina Mistry

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