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That Video Game Podcast

Jan 25, 2019

Featuring: Paul “Moonpir” Carver-Smith and Jess Carver-Smith
Running Time: 1:12:52

We're heading to animated movies for the first time in our trip down the classics this month, folks. It's time for The Iron Giant (1998), the critically acclaimed box office failure has been a bit of a cult hit for some time now, so lets take Moon backwards to the 50s, via the 90s, during a time of national paranoia, threat of nuclear war, and fear of everything, and see what a good natured Vin Diesel can do to help heal our wounds.

The only question really we have to ask, is the movie Atomo, or Superman?

Editors note: Apologies for any audio bug in the episode, editing with new software. Love ya - Moon

Intro and Outro Reel effects from justsoundfx on youtube
Break sound effects courtesy of NoiseCollector over at
Intro Song - The Eye of the Storm by Michael Kamen
Outro Song - The Last Giant Piece by Michael Kamen